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Koby's Prospect Report No. 3 - AL South

Today we are evaluating the AL South.  

New note, since this is the 1st divisional profile I am writing post S24 draft, I will not be including any pick that occurred this season.  So all prospects will have been acquired in Season 23 or sooner.

Houston Duoz – xmasjjm is a relatively new owner in season #2 after taking over and is looking to bring ownership stability to a franchise that has not seen it since seasons 7-14 when giles21 was in the league.  

Bill Badenhop– Drafted with the #11 overall pick in xmasjjm’s first draft Badenhop possesses great stamina and control with above avg splits vs lefties and just average vs. righties.  Decent groundball pitcher with not a lot of velocity.  His 4-seamer and curve are both effective pitches.  He won’t walk or strike out a lot of people but overall could should be in a 12-15 wins range.  .  Could realistically be a 3.40 to 3.70 with a couple ASG appearances.  As Houston rebuilds he could be their ace, but long term is more Anibal Sanchez to having a Justin Verlander on the roster.

Pascual Colon– first, he is a future short stop!!!  Lots of people play a bigger bat and a guy with 85-85-85-85 type fielding stats….which are very Jhonny Peralta like.  His 90 range is awfully good and his glove is AWESOME assuming!  Assuming of course his fielding coach is not Rob Deer. . So if he makes his projections he is a SS, if he doesn’t he would be more suited at 2b or make a gold glove 3b with a cannon arm.  I love how he has great range and garbage speed…haven’t figured out how that works.  As for his bat, with only a 58 eye and 41 split vs. righties even with his 75 projected contact rating he is a .230-.260 hitter.  He should hit 12-18 HR but he will likely have a high strikeout rate and moderate average.  He looks like a #7 hitter to me.   But his defensive ratings make him an everyday starter.  Gold Glover, yes at the right position.  All Star, not sure he has the bat for it.

Pete Henry– forget overall ratings…I LOVE this guy! With his 77 durability and 39 stamina he can be a 60-80 appearance and 80-100 IP guy out of the pen.  Everyone has different philosophies on the bullpen – Henry is a future closer, but we all know I am obsessed with closers like Ripken is obsessed with RuPaul, but more on that later.  Pretty good control, very good splits in the 70s as well. Great velocity and the best part only 2 pitches both rated in the 90s.  

San Antonio Papaya – Speaking of Ripken0713 and RuPaul, let’s talk about the Papaya’s next.  In his 16 prior seasons Ripken0713 has 8 playoff appearances and 3 World Series rings.  His obsession with RuPaul is not completely confirmed, but this is an internet blog, so why not say it.  Maybe the story gets picked up by TMZ.

Joel Priest – Yep, I love the future closer!  With a 99 durability Priest could be a 100 appearance a season guy.  With a projected 96 control and a 97 rated 4-seamer from the left side think Aroldis Chapman.  Priest will only have average velocity and a just above average show me curveball, but his 1 very dominant pitch should allow for an average of a K per inning.  Priest could contribute to the pen today, by next seasons he should have a full time job in the majors.

Fred Leary – Drafted #8 overall in Season 23 Leary projects as a solid 3b.  Decent range, but plus glove and plus arm the position imagine Cal Ripken after he transitioned from SS to 3b for the Orioles.  At the plate Leary will have average contact and a little above average batting eye.  Likely a .245-.255 hitter Leary possesses the power to hit 30-40 HR.  With very good splits, Leary should be an anchor in the 4 or 5 hole while holding down the hit corner.

Domingo Sosa – A 12.4 million dollar baby on the IFA market Sosa projects as a solid #2 or #3 starter on a championship team.  With good durability and stamina Sosa should take the ball every 5th day for 200-210 innings.  With a 90controland 88 velocity Sosa will know where his ball is going, but you sure won’t.  With a plus knuckleball, plus plus sinker and plus slider, good luck getting your timing at the plate.  That’s one weird three way with parts Jake Westbrook, Tom Candiotti and Jamie Moyerall in the mix.  Oh and he is left handed….awesome!  At 19 Sosa is still 203 years away from the majors, but should easily win12-15 per season.

Kansas City Aristocrats – mattjmiller, a veteran who has been in Stickball since Season 5, has 11 playoff appearances and 3 World Series to his credit.  As an admitted friend of Ripken this makes for a fun divisional matchup each year.

Jason Greer – Drafted 32nd overall in S23, Greer should easily eclipse the 200 IP mark.  If the 19 year old makes his projections his 90control and with 74 velocity, 81 GB/FB and 78 sinker make Greer a dead ringer for Justin Masterson.  The right hander will be very tough on right handed hitters but also has a good lefty split.  Despiute his 90 stamina Greer will struggle as a one pitch pitcher.  His curve, change and cutter all leave a lot to be desired.  He still projects as a topof the rotation guy, likely in the #2or #3 role on a playoff contender.

Brook Liverman –Drafted 34th overall inS23 Liverman and Greer pair together like an 8 oz Filet and a robust Bordeaux.  Liverman long term issue is having only an above average stamina rating.  He may be only a 180 IP guy and will have average control.  With phenomenal splits, and 80 velocity-GB/FB and sinker   Liverman should be able to overcome what will likely be a 3.5 BB/9IP stat.  With a solid slider to pair with his sinker Liverman should keep hitters guessing.  The KC coaching staff would be smart to convince Liverman that his curveball is so bad even Pedro Cerrano could hit it.

Bill Harris –Is ML ready now at the age of 22.  Harris could play either COF or 1b as well as DH.  With a slightly above average contact rating and plus eye rating to go along with his projected 100 power rating, Harris is 40HR waiting to happen.  The right handed will hammer left handed pitching.  He could struggle to hit for average against right handers, but again, big tie power bat especially if he finds himself in a hitters park.  

Memphis Pimpbots – ptwoner find himself in his 1st season in Stickball, but also is an owner in 6 other worlds.  

Ricardo Blanco – Projects as a future 3b with a plus plus glove and arm.  With a 75 range he just is not a SS in the long run.  At the plate with a 69 contact 81 power and 64 eye Blanco should not only hit for a strong average, but drive 22-28 HR/season.  With splits in the mid to upper 70s Blanco will be equally deadly against both right handers and southpaws.  His 70 speed will allow Blanco to hit anywhere from 2nd through 6th in the order.  

Vladimir Tapia – Signed inS23 to a big league deal with an 11.7 million bonus Tapia projects as a solid #3 or #4 starter.  With only a 69 stamina rating, Tapia will not throw a ton of innings, but the ones he does should be effective.  With plus plus control (88) and solid splits to go along with a deadly slider and plus plus curveball Tapia will be a tough lefty to face.  A show me knuckleball might be his most intriguing pitch as it will really keep hitter guessing.  

Rick Tracy – Drafted #29overall inS22 Tracy projects as a solid defensive CFer with 86 range and 78 glove.  Think more Jim Edmonds than Andrew Jones but still effective.  At the plate an average contact rating paired with a 64 batting eye means Tracy will not be a .350 OBP much less a .270 hitter.  But with his 86 power he can easily slide into the #5 or #6 hole and hammer the big fly.  Tracey is at AAA now, but probably needs this season and part of S25 to trulky be ML ready.

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