Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Round Draft Recap- Picks 27-29

Pick #27- Hersh Glover (P)

Los Angelos Galaxy
Drafted out of University of Southern California
Signed on 5/7/2009 to a $2,750,000 signing bonus
Assigned to Rookie League

Glover is going to be a boom or bust, plain and simple. Not only does he throw hard, but he has great control and has the ability to get hitters out from both sides of the plate with relative ease. However, he does not have one good pitch. His best pitch, a fastball, is quite flat and he tends to leave his curveball up in the zone a little too much. His poor makeup is something to be concerned with as well, but he looks to be non-injury prone.

Bottom Line: The Galaxy organization is known for producing stud pitching prospects. Although he is the type of player that could go either way, the odds are in his favor.

Final Grade: B+

Pick #28- Jeff Strickland (SS)

Albuquerque Isotopes
Drafted out of University of Arkansas- Fort Smith
Signed on 5/1/2009 to a $1,470,000 signing bonus
Assigned to Rookie Level

Although Strickland is currently a SS, that likely won’t be his postion if or when he makes a big league club. Yes, he posses the adequate range and arm strength to play the position, but his glove is a little to shaky for the everyday job. On offense he looks to be no more than a bottom of the order guy. He will make nice contact, but has no power to speak of and will be a pure singles hitter. Strickland is also slightly injury prone, and does not have the great eye you would like to see from a guy with no power.

Bottom Line: If Strickland makes it to the show, it will probably be at 2B. He will likely no more than a career utility player at best.

Final Grade: C-

Pick #29- Ernie Serafini (P)

Syracuse Orange Crush
Drafted out of Lake Region State College
Signed on 5/1/2009 to a $1,380,000 signing bonus
Assigned to Rookie League

Serafini is another pitcher with great control, but little else. He is decent against lefties, but righties look to smash him. On top of that, not only is his fastball relatively slow, but it lacks the necessary movement to be a consistent bail out pitch. He also tends to give up a tremendous amount of fly balls, just another thing to be wary of. However, he has the necessary makeup and patience to somehow reach the big league club one day.

Bottom Line: Serafini will probably make the big league club one day, just not as a starter. If he one day develops into a decent long reliever, the Orange Crush should be thrilled.

Final Grade: C

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Round Draft Recap- Picks 30-32

Pick #30- Roger Carter (P)

Oakland Asterisk's
Drafted out of Sunburst H.S.
Signed on 5/6 2009 to a 1,290,000 signing bonus
Assigned to Low A Level

Carter is probably never going to set foot on a big league squad. Yes, he has four above average pitches, throws pretty hard and has the right makeup. Yet, there are too many glaring flaws in his game. Not only does he get smashed pretty hard by both righties and lefties, but his control is awful now and does not look to get much better. That says it all.

Bottom Line: Carter was pretty much a wasted pick by Asterisk’s. Lucky for them, they have some room for error.

Final Grade: F

Pick #31- Dick Corsi (P)

Boston Iris II
Drafted out of Onondaga Community College
Signed on 5/2/2009 to a 1,190,000 signing bonus
Assigned to Low A Level

Corsi will be another pitcher with a tough time ever latching onto a prominent role on a big league staff. He has a very deceptive fastball that is nearly unhittable, but his other four pitches are below average. Although he looks to have solid control, lefties and righties alike look to him pretty hard, not a good sign for a guy that will be pitching Fenway Park.

Bottom Line: If Corsi reaches his ceiling, and it looks like it with his high makeup, he could be a No.5 starter on a playoff caliber team. However, you probably won’t see him in the big leagus for at least five seasons.

Final Grade: C

Pick #32- Matty Evans (P)

Colorado Stickballers
Drafted out of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Signed on 5/1/2009 to a $1,100,000 signing bonus
Assigned to Rookie League

Evans is going to have a hard time ever making a big league club, especially on a team like the Stickballers. He looks to have a great fastball and a nice slider, but that’s where the positives stop. His control is does not look good and on top of that gets smashed pretty well by righties, not a good sign especially for a pitcher that will pitch half his games in Colorado. He also gives up quite a few fly balls and appears like he will get injured fairly often.

Bottom Line: When your team is picking #32, it usually means your team is pretty good. Evans looks to be a fringe pitcher at best, but I doubt the Stickballers were expecting anymore.

Final Grade: C

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