Monday, December 2, 2013


From: mattjmiller

Subject:   Interview

1. What is your favorite beverage? Explain.

I go through phases, sometimes a nice homemade Margarita (no sour mix bullshit), sometimes if I’m feeling girlier:  a nice Washington Apple (Canadian whiskey, Apple pucker, splash of cranberry) , also love Bloody Mary’s, Famous Dave’s or Zing Zang mix, but my go to is a dirty Beefeater martini. If I had to choose one last drink to have before getting the chair, I’d go with a Salt and Pepper Martini . However, Absolut Peppar is a little too pricey (I’m very cheap) so I don’t make it very often. When I go out, I’m a beer drinker, as anyone who’s watched Bar Rescue knows, beer is much cheaper than liquor to order. I’m about to finish my 4th Old Chicago tour. Where you at Ripken0713?

2. Is baseball your favorite sport? Explain.

I love the sabermetric side of baseball, I’m a numbers guy. So I feel like I know as much or more than some big league exec’s and managers. Easier to 2nd guess as a game goes on or trade happens than other sports. Football, I’m more interested my fantasy teams, even though the Chiefs are 9-0. Basketball, could care less about NBA. But I’m a big MU Tigers fan for basketball and football. Basketball is probably my favorite sport to play but I think I’m equally terrible at every sport.

3. Did your father like baseball?

Wouldn’t say that he really did. Part of it is that I’m from Kansas City. This past season was the best season we’ve had since we won the World Series when I was 4.

4. Have you been on a baseball team? A softball team? If so, which position are you best suited for?

I grew up in, umm…a non-affluent part of town, so a baseball league was hard to find. By the time we moved to the better side of town, I was too far behind. But I do play softball, again, I’m equally awful at all positions but ever since seeing Ripken leave a puddle of blood on the diamond, I’ve been sticking more in the outfield. My gangly body is best suited out there anyway.

5. Who is your greatest rival in Stickball World? Give an historical example detailing what a challenge he can be.

Since Ripken and I are friends, he’s definitely the one I want to beat most. We’re now tied on World Series victories, thanks a lot Chicago. Bargearse and I knocked each other out in 20 and 21 and both went on to win the World Series, so I think there was a little rivalry there.

6. Who is your favorite player in Stickball World? Give us some stats and/or historical examples that illustrate why he's such a cool player.

I mean, it’s hard to vote against Willie, because I don’t even have to say his last name and everyone knows who he is. But my two favorite children are Dennis Martin and Joe Clark. Dennis was my first free agent, got him for 3 million and went on to hit 50 homers a season but when he fell off, he fell off. Joe was my first draft pick, and man it was a good one. I believe I knocked out Milton is season 11 but Joe Clark lost the first game to him and Milton said something along the lines of, “good series though I can’t believe you started that long reliever against me in game one”

7. What is more important in HBD: Starting Pitching, Power Hitting, Team Speed, Good Defense, or What? Does your home ballpark make much of s difference?

Yes. I think if you have 3 stud SP’s and you will have a good chance at winning it all. Speed and defense never take days off though. If you score 6 runs a game off of homers, you’re gonna be tough to beat. I do think you should tailor your outfield to your park, but you play half the games on the road so you can’t completely sell out.

8. If you could change one thing about HBD, what would it be?

I’m gonna go with two. First, amateur draft prospects, any team with a $25 Baseball America subscription could see any prospect. I think every team should see everyone, now the projected ratings should very quite a bit based on your spending but not knowing who the #1 pick is, is ridiculous. Second, free agent/international negotiations. You think Boras just says, “No, we want more”. I’d like them to say, “Well I’ve got 9 million on the table from San Antonio, can you beat that?”

9. Who is the hottest actress/musician/whatever on the planet?

Definitely Kate Upton. I fail this every time

10. Note that I had to throw booze and women into this ... that’s because sometimes I'm a chauvinistic pig. I'm not always the most politically correct person, although I do try to generally follow the "Golden Rule" in most anonymous situations. That being said, give us an original thought so we can get a better sense of who you are.

I’m an analytical person, not many decisions that I make that I don’t carefully weigh out the pros and cons. Also not big on sharing my feelings so……..

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