Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, it was an amazing season for the Stickballers ... not their highest number of wins, but definitely their most rewarding.  The WS heroes turned out to be two unlikely guys, and two likely guys, two young guys and two old guys.  I'd say the overall best performance goes to young, unlikely hero, Edwin Frank LF (.417/.453/.967).  Jose Johnson did not disappoint either, he went .390/.464/.898 ... and was rock-solid all season long.

On the pitching side, Rocky Martin, Colorado's Ace, performed very well (4 wins), but it was the 37-year-old crusty veteran, Sidney Coleman (4 wins) who came in and won the final WS game for the Stickballers.  He has a mutual option for next season.  Can he keep going at 38?  We'll see... 

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