Thursday, June 25, 2009

Notable Pre-Season 7 Retirees

R.J. Matos, Age 39, primarily used as a defensive CF with decent range and footspeed wound up being more of a utility man in his later years retired this offseason.

Another CF, Jason Booker, Age 38, also retired. He made the Season 1 NL All-Star Team, had a very good glove, and has an impressive career OPS of .908. After a ligament tear in Season 3, his range decreased to the point where he finished out his big league career playing mostly LF and RF.

Of the pitchers who retired this offseason, Closer Ray Lincoln , Age 38, was among the more notable. He was a Season 1 AL All-Star with the Islanders and finished with an impressive 114 saves in his 4 years at the ML level. The last two seasons were mysteriously spent in Philadelphia's minor leagues (where he won AAA Fireman of the Year Award in Season 5, by the way).

Also notable, Ken Gentry, Age 38, retired. He was a Season 1 All-Star with Boston and went on to post a lifetime ML WHIP of 1.36 with a lifetime ML ERA of 4.47.

Lastly, retiring with similar lifetime statistics as Gentry, two-time All-Star Todd Latham, Age 39, hung it up. He managed to make it to the All-Star Game in both the AL and the NL as a flyball style SP. Other than his miserable time in Colorado, where he never pitched well, he had a solid career and tops our list as the most significant retiree heading into Season 7.

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