Monday, November 11, 2013


To: Stickball
From: Freyja

Subject: Interview

1. What is your favorite beverage? Explain.

My favorite drink is mixing Nuvo and Hpnotiq. It is very delicious and expensive. Besides that I am a beer drinker. Not a big fan of liquor so I usually stick to beer. My favorite beer right now is Lost Coast Great White. It is a brewing company in California and is very good. 

Methinks we have a new theme song for Freyja!!! -Stick

2. Is baseball your favorite sport? Explain.

No, Basketball is my favorite sport. I grew up playing baseball though. I played it for 14 years and all through high school. It was a fun game to play. I gravitated towards basketball because it was more competitive and easier to get people together to play a game.

3. Did your father like baseball?

My dad played baseball with Curt Schilling in high school but he was into competitive bike racing and cars. He watched baseball but it wasn’t something he went out of his way to do. He did enjoy taking me and brother to practice and watching us play all the time. He made sure he never missed any of our games.

4. Have you been on a baseball team? A softball team? If so, which position are you best suited for?

Like I said I played baseball for most of my life. I always played out field because I could get to any ball and had a cannon for an arm. I was a decent hitter. I had a terrible avg but had a high slugging avg. I’ve played on some softball teams here and there. It’s hard for me to play due to my changing schedule and constantly having to travel for my job.

5. Who is your greatest rival in Stickball World? Give an historical example detailing what a challenge he can be.

It would definitely have to be mike. For the past couple years now I have been on the cusp of winning the division or getting a wildcard spot. Since I always have my last 4 games against him, he has knocked me out of the playoffs the last three years. What’s more annoying about it, is the fact that I can win the spread against earlier in the season by going 2-2, 3-1, and 2-1. When it comes to that last series he always beats me.

6. Who is your favorite player in Stickball World? Give us some stats and/or historical examples that illustrate why he's such a cool player.

I’m going to have to be a little bias in this decision and see my First Basemen James Kwon. He won the MVP his 2nd and 3rd year in the league and has been a candidate every year he has been in the league. He has also won 4 silver slugger awards in 6 years and made the all star game every year sans his rookie year. He also finish second in rookie of the year voting. As of now he is the career leader in OBP at .424.

7. What is more important in HBD: Starting Pitching, Power Hitting, Team Speed, Good Defense, or What? Does your home ballpark make much of s difference?

I’m a big fan of offense and balance. I try to get good hitter so I can put up lots of runs. I have been in the top 5 for runs the last 4 years and led the league once in runs. I’m not going to lie, I really don’t understand the whole ballpark thing so I don’t know if it affects a lot or not. I’m on the fence of saying yes because I feel like my ballpark is working against what I want to do with my team and I haven’t really sat down to try and figure it out completely.

8. If you could change one thing about HBD, what would it be?

One thing that bugs me is the fact that when you are trying to straighten out your minor league rosters and you can submit them when one of the rosters is below 20 people. It just makes it more difficult to remember everyone you have moved around when you have 20+ moves waiting to be finalized.

9. Who is the hottest actress/musician/whatever on the planet?

I’m going to have to go with Heidi Klum. Until she is like 80 she will be the most beautiful woman on the planet. I mean come on; she has had 4 kids and still looks amazing.

10. Note that I had to throw booze and women into this ... that’s because sometimes I'm a chauvinistic pig. I'm not always the most politically correct person, although I do try to generally follow the "Golden Rule" in most anonymous situations. That being said, give us an original thought so we can get a better sense of who you are.

I like to think I am a truly honest person and have been told that I am brutally honest and not politically correct. I think that is a good thing and something that our country and world has fallen out of touch with. Why should I say something differently just so you can feel better about whom you are or what you do. I believe our country would be in a much better place if we didn’t sugar coat everything and held people accountable for their actions. It’s something that isn’t being taught in new generations of kids. All these young kids are handed everything on a silver platter and shielded from what it’s like to be a loser or not getting your way, when nothing is like that in the real world. It’s like in youth sports now. Everyone gets a trophy no matter what even if they place 120th and didn’t win a game. I don’t see how that is helping our youth grow or succeed. I guess I wrap up my rant there.

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