Friday, February 1, 2013

Season 21 New and Not-So-New Owners

Season 21 is underway and I wanted to post a special shoutout to our new owners.

Ronaldb03 is one of our ORIGINAL owners and an HBD friend of mine from Mr. October league.  He's back with his old franchise, the Scranton Beet Farmers.  I must say it felt like a coo of sorts when he enthusiastically agreed to return to the league.  Scranton, although wallowing in obscurity since Ronald left all those seasons ago, DID have a couple of good owners make moves in hopes of a bright future.  Trapapoodle and KCG67 were both good owners and tried to do the right thing for the franchise.  Now, with Ronald back at the helm, don't be surprised to see this team make the playoffs right away.  Consider some of the talent: Magglio Sosa, Yonder Romero, Vern Jones, and the really scary Kory Schilling.

Mgreed1954 takes over the franchise formerly know as the Oakland Sluggers (and before that, the long-standing franchise, the Tuscon Suns).  The new franchise is the Salem NRH StRangers, and I'm sure Mgreed is hopeful he can pull that franchise out of mediocrity.  He certainly has some of the tools in place to do it, with top notch leadoff hitter (and Stickball League All-Time Consecutive Hitting Streak leader) Craig Flair setting the table for up-and-comer, super hard hitting 2B Marcus Shipley.  The rest of Salem's offense is loaded with young, talented hitters.  When they come into their own, and if Mgreed can muster up at least half way decent pitching, they are going to be a major force to reckon with.

Agent_Wart takes over for one of Stickball League's great owners, Elixerr.  His franchise was known as the Salem Acid, and although the Acid never actually won Elixerr a WS title, they always seemed to be in the hunt.  With the notable exception of all-time great Tom Moore, Agent_Wart is stuck with a handful of above average veterans and a bunch of up-and-coming youngsters.  To my way of thinking, he has his work cut out for him competing this season, but down the road looks pretty good -- especially if he can make some smart moves as the team progresses.

Thanks to everyone for making this league of owners as great as it is.

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