Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Season 8 Is Upon Us

Well, another season is here. This offseason saw us loose an unprecedented number of owners (11!). We had only been loosing two to four per season before that, so we hopefully have a strong group of new owners. Remember, the gimmick with this league is that "Stickball" has the double meaning of "sticking" with your team through multiple seasons!

Regardless of all that, we are EXTREMELY glad to see ArmyMP not only back home safe (well, sort of ;), but we are glad doog23 was good enough to give him back his team. Anyone who feels up to it should send doog23 a little gift certificate. Heck, just a very small donation would be thoughtful. (Besides, I plan on inviting him back next offseason if we lose an owner).

As I look over the league I must confess that I don't see a clear favorite. Huskypride still has the team to beat, but behind him there appears to be a wide open field. Anybody who wants to sitemail me their Team Season Preview is welcome to. I think I'd like to do something like what we did last Season and post as many season previews ... no matter how short ... as possible.

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